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Attention in the process of using the car sprayer
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      truck mounted sprayer in use process need to pay attention to, we must to avoid the occurrence of these problems, then simple for everyone to share:
1 and a generator in operation must not re adjustment speed limit bolt and fuel controller bolt, otherwise it will directly affect the truck mounted sprayer performance.
2, such as the emergence of generator external equipment in the operation of slow, sudden shutdown or abnormal operation, should immediately turn off the power switch, lifting equipment and unit connection, check the problem. < br/> 3, truck mounted spraying machine if the overload current, using circuit tripping should reduce the circuit of load, and a few minutes after the restart.
4 and DC output terminals are only used for charging the battery.
5, in charge of the battery before you want to remove the battery on the negative electrode, the battery must be connected with the positive pole of the DC output terminal, must not be connected to the wrong or damaged units and batteries.
6, DC and AC output of the total power, do not exceed the rated power of the unit, the output current not exceed the rated output current of the generator.
7, dosing should pay attention to wear protective clothing, gloves, masks.
8, the diesel engine in operation or after the completion of the cooling is not completed, do not touch the muffler and the body, so as not to be distributed out of high temperature burn.
9, generator to have a good grounding, and prohibit the use of wet hands to touch the power generating units, so as to avoid electric shock accident and short circuit.
10, avoid vehicle spray rain or work on rainy days.
11, it is strictly prohibited to high, low voltage power network, power line and spray facilities. After the completion of the
12, vehicle mounted sprayer, please with water rinse kit and a water spray 2 minutes, the ejection of parts cleaning.
      the content is today for everyone to share all the contents, we always maintain the continuous development and innovation, the greatest possible to provide our customers with high quality products, the most attentive service. Achieve win-win goal with customers.

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