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Ten major advantages of orchard sprayer in Laizhou City
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      orchard sprayer has characteristics of small and exquisite, easy to move, beautiful appearance, application effect is good. The product is refers to the domestic and foreign advanced orchard spraying equipment, improve the shortcoming and deficiency of the traditional domestic products, developed a new orchard spray machine. Next, we will introduce the ten main advantages of orchard spray machine:
      1, the use of imported spray atomization, droplet diameter, 50 - 150 m. Penetrating power. Can be connected to a uniform drop out of the two sides anyway.
     ; 2, fan fog, air blow out of the double drop. The wind blows the leaves back and forth, you are opposite to the medicine. And can take this medicine to the tree top, do not stay dead. This spray is recommended by the United Nations Food and agriculture organization.
     ; 3, spray fan diffusion, just walk in the two row, left, right, front has been sprayed.
      4, a water inlet is provided with a precision filter, even for a long time without clogging powder spraying pesticide.
      5, foliar fertilization effect is good, this product is from the bottom up, fertilizer and leaf contact. Better than conventional spraying equipment.
      6, water: water spraying equipment than the traditional 2 to 5 times, without adding any additives.
      7, provincial drug: product without the use of special pesticide, small droplets, most of the drug use, fell to little. The traditional way of spraying stranded on crops, fruit trees and foliage on pesticides only 15% - 20%, 80% - 85% of pesticide loss to the surrounding environment, serious waste caused by pesticide and environmental pollution at the same time, also caused the pesticide residues in agricultural products.
     spraying an important link in the orchard management, advanced spraying machinery is an important tool to ensure orchard yield, high yield. Haha fruit sprayer come out, let your work from the fast, easy spraying, labor.
       we see the talents as the support, the company has broad prospects for development. Sincere thanks to friends from home and abroad for the sincere cooperation and strong support, sincere welcome from all walks of life to visit the exhibitions!

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