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Characteristics of pest control in orchard sprayer
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      why orchard sprayer sales so hot, because can not be separated from the orchard pests prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control orchard sprayer, then what is characteristics of orchard sprayer? Below we look at:
      1, range hood has a small diameter of the fog, as well as small, pesticide spray, good control effect. A number of experiments show that the smoke is penetrating through the dense canopy that can be in every open, even killing the pest's bark crack.
     ; 2, smoke particle size is small, fog and more. Experiments show that the more the number of fog particles per unit area, the better the control effect. A large number of spray particles in the spatial distribution of uniform, greatly increased the chance of contact with bacteria and pests, is conducive to improve the control effect. In the room (shed) and the obvious advantages of control.
      3, smoke particles are small, with the characteristics of multi direction deposition, the positive and negative in the branches, as well as the insect in all directions, the deposition rate is higher, such as insect's antennae and hair, which is one of the reasons for the prevention and control of pests.
     ; 4, smoke diffuse diffuse diffuse, diffuse, especially effective for flying insects. Prevention and treatment of diseases and rubber anthracnose has achieved good effect, one of the reasons is with the help of airborne spores of the pathogen, meet a large amount of suspended smoke and spore, inhibit spore haustorium formation flow, which lost its infection and reproductive capacity, so as to obtain the good control effect.
     ; 5, smoke particles are small, in addition to oil agent, anti rain erosion, lasting effect is good, control effect is good, the effect of spraying is little.
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