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Characteristics of traction orchard spray machine
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      traction orchard sprayer and 30 horsepower tractor large-scale spray rod sprayer spraying insecticide, Shortgrass agent, bactericide, also can be used in foliar fertilizer, good spraying performance, high work efficiency, widely used in the meadow, land, and worms. The main characteristics of the traction type spraying machine:
      1 liquid tank capacity is large, the spraying time is long, the work efficiency is high.
      2 pump, multi cylinder diaphragm pump, large displacement, reliable work.
      3 spray bar with single point suspension balance mechanism, good balance effect.
      4 bar type spray rod and rod type folding mechanism, spray rod lifting, stretching and folding, can be in the cab through the operation of hydraulic cylinder control, easy to operate, save.
      5 can be directly used in the machine on the spray liquid pump, water tank, adding the water pipe and the spray machine and quick joint connection, assembly and disassembly convenient, fast.
      6 spray pipe system with multi-stage filtration, ensure that the nozzle is not blocked in the operation process.
      7 liquid and water jet mixing in the liquid can ensure the consistency of Chinese traditional medicine in the process of spray operation.
      8 liquid tank, anti drip nozzle using high quality engineering plastic manufacturing.
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