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Maintenance of orchard sprayer
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    orchard sprayer as operation or maintenance properly so as to shorten the service life, so the maintenance should pay attention to the following points:
    1, before the operation, according to the manual operation, inspection, adjustment of the state components, lubricant while maintaining clean body.
      2, after the operation, the timely use of water to wash several times, liquid tank, liquid pump and the residual liquid in the tube to remove. Check for the presence of spray machine failure to dry.
      3, the end of the seasonal operation, spray machine, to save time, in addition to the body clean, but also eliminate the triangle belt, spray hose, nozzles, mixing and water pipe and other components, will be clean, and the body placed in a cool dry place. If it is a rubber product, you want to hang on the wall, so that it will not be squeezed damage. At the same time, need to stay away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other corrosive substances, so as not to rust damage.
      above three points is a small series of orchard sprayer, in order to share maintenance and maintenance, today's contents are first introduced to you here, more exciting content, please look forward to. Welcome all friends to come to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly, look forward to your visit.

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