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Laizhou City, Germany Machinery Co., Ltd. website opened
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          fruit Youle card sprayer is the specialized research and development, production of small self walking type orchard sprayer of the independent brand. The reference of foreign advanced orchard spraying equipment, improved the traditional domestic product defects, set director of public companies. Hire Chinese Academy of experts and a number of domestic fruit tree expert visit the guide, which lasted more than a year, at a cost of nearly one million research and development of a country. In the new orchard spraying machinery fruit a Youle spray machine.
         the company by in fruit production management techniques of full investigation and analysis, a comprehensive introduction of foreign advanced spray technology, combined with domestic actual management environment, developed really meet the Chinese large-scale orchard application of products.
        fruit Youle brand spray machine adhere to the "quality of competitiveness first" principle, to science and technology for power, market oriented, technology is fundamental and integrity as a cornerstone, the company will with the leading technology and full of enthusiasm for the development of fruit industry in China to make outstanding contribution, hand in hand with new and old friends and customers in the economic construction of well-off society and when Ju Jin, pioneering and innovative, pursue excellence, create brilliance!

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