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Preparation of orchard sprayer before use
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  & nbsp; & nbsp; orchard sprayer before use need to check whether the device can run normally, then need to check which parts? < br > one, start before the first check < br >; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1. Check the line, the circuit of the fastener connection is loose, to avoid loosening of the phenomenon;
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2. In the battery box into the new fourth quarter a 1.5V alkaline stem cell, pay attention to battery positive pole, must not install anti, connected to a power switch. At this time machine internal have clear and continuous Pops on acoustic, the normally closed switch power supply. < br > 2, filling the fuel
  & nbsp; & nbsp; open tank lid, with a filter funnel to join No. 93 gasoline, fuel quantity not more than maximum scale line of drums, after filling should tighten the lid, to prevent air leakage, oil spills. < br > 3, liquid medicine filling
  & nbsp; & nbsp; open the lid of the drug, the diluted liquid through a filter funnel is added with the medicine barrel, liquid filling amount not to exceed the maximum scale line is appropriate, after the lid tightening, no water leakage and gas.

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