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The unique function of the orchard sprayer to wipe out the schistosomiasis
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      due to schistosomiasis transmission of Ding snail areas of activity are in wet goukan hollow and the pond lake ten meters within the scope, geographical environment complex, some areas artificial bear type disinsection device to enter and entering the operating efficiency is too low, only the use of spray equipment, but water consumption, consumption of drugs is too big, and physic liquor is still excessive dilution and due to the manipulation of this equipment is difficult to achieve spraying uniformity, so Ding snail killing rate is extremely low, the retrogradation rate is extremely high. Using this function, low time-consuming, laborious equipment is unable to achieve the purpose of complete elimination of Ding. The unique function of the use of super mist sprayer, eliminate Ding screw became a be an easy job to do!
     super mist machine such as machine spray axial flat on the ground, with 1mm diameter of spray spraying, applying spray distance control in CZ-750 40 to 50 meters, CZ-540 from 25 to 30 meters, including ground and the ground all the objects and the branches and leaves of plants at all levels of wrapping film naked on a layer of dense element joint and more due to the huge amount of fine honey of fog particle pervasive characteristics, even if hidden in the ground shallow layer cave in the Ding screw cannot escape the fate of extinction. Also the fine mist particles not only water consumption low and very suitable for high ratio of liquid concentration, so in practice proved that not only molluscicide rate up to 100%, and explosive consumption also than all the molluscicidal instrument is reduced by 50% the following, its ergonomics Gauguin is unmatched by all conventional instrument.

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